No Bullshit Project Management

Projekt Management without bullshit and nice sounding buzzwords. One that really works in practice and gets projects going. For more than 20 years.

Do you want a change of mindset in your fellow workers? That they finally take on responsibility and want to change something right now? Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you just want to tick off the ‘PM training’ box or are of the opinion an online training would really change your staff’s behavior, then you’ve come to the wrong place. If you really insist, I could read a PM book to your staff by video ... that would be cheaper and have the same effect ...

PM Training

"I couldn't doze off in your training, it was always interesting" ... another original feedback.

How about a real good training, where something really sticks and the participants learn to take over responsibility?

No frontal lessons with presentations that help put you to sleep, but learning and – most important of all – practising in small groups without a projector?

If you’re also of the opinion that this doesn’t work via video, then read more ...

PM Coaching

"The workshop really moved things forward for our project" ...

Do you want to have a perfect start to your project? Or has it already gone down the drain and you're on a rescue mission?

Do you have young colleagues or executives with high potential but not enough experience and they need support?

Then have a look here ...

PM Processes

Your projects aren’t going smoothly, everyone has their own assumptions, nothing is known for sure, responsibilities aren’t defined and "anyway, it's always worked so far"?

How about a proven approach, rather implement an 80% solution (which is then actually lived) than the 120% solution that is only taken off the shelf ahead of an audit?

And all this as a practical booklet (either online or on paper), that provides real help for the project managers?

Then you should read here ...


Are you planning a workshop with a group of executives or together with your customer’s team?

Are there internal and/or external conflicts that should finally be resolved?

But are you as the responsible manager too involved in the topic to facilitate the workshop as well?

If so and you're interested in an objective driven, facilitated workshop, then click here ...

And if worst comes to worst ...

* Original feedback received from a participant after three days of training, compared to a (larger) competitor two years before.